Katelyn Wannamaker (Oshawa)
Katelyn Wannamaker, Oshawa Area Manager

When you hire a team of students in Oshawa through Student Works Window Cleaning, you can be assured that our crew will arrive on time and ready to go, to provide you with a professional quality service. It all starts long before you meet Katelyn, who is our Manager running things in the Oshawa region for 2017. When she comes to your home to talk about your window cleaning job (or other exterior cleaning like eavestroughs and siding), she and her carefully recruited crew will already have participated in our extensive training program. They will know our expectations for customer satisfaction and how to meet them, not only with the finished product, but also with the whole process from estimate to completion and everything in between.

It’s the little things like showing up on time and ready to get started, being respectful of your home and garden, and leaving the job site neat and tidy at the end of each day — along with the big things like safety working at heights — that we teach our teams before they launch their operations.

Katelyn is a university student who wants to learn more about running a business; whether she chooses to pursue that goal after school or simply uses the inside knowledge to land a better job or further her career in future, she knows that having this experience will serve her well in later life.

With the support of the Student Works mentors and time-tested systems, not to mention the $5 million liability insurance, Katelyn can be confident in visiting your home (or cottage) to provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate for your window cleaning, knowing she has the team in place and the head office resources to get the job done. You can be confident that it will be done to your satisfaction, with our guarantee.

If you are in the Oshawa area and have a job for our student team this summer, call 1-800-803-1100 or submit a request for a free estimate and Katelyn will be in touch.