Jack Porter, Kingston Area Manager

As soon as you contact us for a free estimate, our Kingston manager will get in touch with you to arrange a time at your convenience to visit your home (or cottage or business – wherever our services are needed). The site visit will be your opportunity to outline the work you need done and your unique specifications, whether it’s to clean the windows (inside and out, of course), wash down the siding, clear out the gutters, or all of the above. It will be our opportunity to determine the scope of the work in detail and address any concerns you may have about how the task can be accomplished. Don’t worry about your third story windows or the awkward peak over the door – we have all the right equipment and training for the job.

Our number one goal is your satisfaction, not just with the finished work, but with the entire process. So it all starts with this first contact where our Kingston team leader will take the time to discuss your specific needs, recommend the best course of action and quickly provide you with a detailed written quote for the job at hand. Once you decide to have our crew proceed with the work, the team manager will be in touch with you throughout to make sure his or her clean & scrub team is performing to your expectations. We understand it’s the small details that come together to create a job well done: showing up on time every time, sticking to the timeline, treating our customers with courtesy and respect, cleaning up at the end of each day and leaving the site looking better than we found it.

By the time our team in Kingston attends your home to do the scheduled cleaning work, each person will have undergone extensive safety training. And testing. And certification. We take personal safety very seriously, recognizing that our team members are full of youthful enthusiasm and perhaps a little zealous about going the extra mile for our customers. We foster that spirit of working hard for our customers, while making sure that we instill a healthy respect for the risks, and a promise to remember that the goal for the summer is to enhance their ongoing post secondary education, and return to school in the fall in excellent health and with valuable “real world” experience.

When you hire a Kingston Student Works team for your outdoor cleaning tasks, you are supporting higher education. All of our staff are recruited from universities and colleges such as St. Lawrence College or Queen’s University. We select highly motivated workers and give them the opportunity to participate in our management training program, and gain familiarity with running a business. We know that the interpersonal and business skills they acquire through Student Works will help them achieve their long-term career goals, no matter what field of work they pursue.

It all starts with a first meeting. We know you’ll be impressed with our Kingston crew. Contact us at 1-800-803-1100 (or send us your contact information) and we’ll get things underway with a no-obligation site visit.