Riley Oickle, London Area Manager

London, Ontario – the Forest City. It’s a beautiful place to live, with an abundance of trees surrounding our homes. It’s so uplifting to see the new buds in spring, so pleasant to enjoy the cool shade in summer, and what a fabulous display in autumn. But once those leaves fall, oh the havoc they wreak with our eavestroughs!

Don’t despair. Student Works has a team in London that can clear your gutters and downspouts of all that leaf and other detritus, and restore the proper flow to your eaves. Having this job done every year is a good way to prolong the life of your home. Overflowing or clogged eaves can cause all kinds of damage, not only in the spring when water is running everywhere except where it should (drowning your garden or seeping into your basement), but also in the winter when standing water freezes (cracking the eavestroughs or lifting your shingles).

In addition to clearing out and cleaning up the inside of your gutters, we’ll also wash the exterior of your gutters and your soffits to restore them to like-new condition. A few seasons of grit and grime can leave these exterior components of your home looking dull and neglected. Let our London crew provide the necessary equipment and elbow grease to bring back the shine. In fact, why not ask for an estimate on having your exterior siding cleaned as well? Since our student team is already going to be at your home with their ladders to do your eaves, they can also remove the dirt and mildew that’s accumulated on your siding while they’re at it.

Before we send the crew out to start the job, you’ll meet our London area manager, who will visit your home at your convenience to review the requirements of your job and provide you with a detailed written estimate. You can rest assured that the job will be completed on time and to your satisfaction. Our student cleaners all undergo extensive training to ensure that their work meets your standards and to be sure they always adhere to the standards of workplace safety.

All of our outside staff are highly motivated post-secondary students from Western University or Fanshawe College, or are university/college students at another institution whose families welcome them home to London for the summer. Their reason for taking on a summer job with Student Works is to gain the valuable work experience and the opportunity to run their own business with the expert guidance of a seasoned organzation that has been developing managers for more than 37 years. Student Works is boot camp for our future business leaders.

For the best window, eavestrough and siding cleaning services in London this spring or summer, call 1-800-803-1100 or contact us online.