Sophia Brown, Ottawa Area Manager

Our Student Works team in Ottawa (also serving Kanata and Stittsville!) tackles so much more than just window cleaning. We can also clean out your gutters and eavestroughs, or wash your exterior siding.

No matter the task, we always do a thorough job. Cleaning your windows does not mean simply washing the grime off the glass. Although that’s the most obvious part of the package, and a very satisfying sight to behold when the sun beams through freshly-cleaned window panes, it’s not the whole job. We also take care to clean the frames and tracks, the hardware, and the screens inside and out, and lubricate the tracks for easy opening and closing. Your windows will look like new and will operate smoothly.

Our Ottawa team manager, like all of our team members, has undergone specific training with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our standard procedure includes checking in with you at each step of the work to make sure that we are meeting your expectations. It takes a little more of the manager’s time to guarantee your satisfaction, but ensures a smooth completion of the job and a happy customer. We hope that happy customers lead to more referrals, which allows us to serve more customers in the Ottawa area, and further the career aspirations of more students from the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and other post secondary schools in and around Ottawa-Hull (or elsewhere – many of our recruits come home to Ottawa for the summer after attending post-secondary school in another city).

The Student Works program gives university and college students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience during their summer break. Our team members learn first hand what it takes to provide excellent service and to experience the sense of pride that comes with performing a service well, and earning money to fund their ongoing education. Our crew members who come back in subsequent seasons also gain valuable insight in running a business, and enhance their skill sets for later employment in their chosen field.

If you have any outdoor household tasks that need doing this spring or summer – washing the windows, cleaning out the eavestroughs, scrubbing the siding – and you live in Kanata, Stittsville, Ottawa or nearby, contact our Ottawa Student Works team at 1-800-803-1100 or Request a Free Estimate today.