Motivated, ambitious, and carefully trained students.

Student Works is committed to delivering high-quality window, eaves, and siding cleaning while making a real difference for students in the community.

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Our Services

Window Cleaning

Our students are in the business of providing some of the most thorough and detailed window cleaning in Ontario. Providing both exterior and interior window cleaning services, our technicians clean the window panes, frames, mechanism, track, storm windows, screens, and lubricate the tracks to provide a smoother window operation.

Gutter & Eavestrough Cleaning and Debris Removal

Our eavestrough cleaning removes all the lodged debris from the gutter and downspouts in order to provide increased flow rates, avoid overflowing, and to avoid water from standing and freezing in the gutter which can lead to cracked gutters that need replacing. We also thoroughly clean the exterior of the gutters and soffits in order to return them to their original condition.

Exterior Siding Cleaning

With both hand cleaning and pressure washing, we return the siding of your house to looking like new. This is achieved by completely removing dirt, grime, grease, mildew, and mould.

Since 1981

Student Works has been providing homeowners with quality home services across Eastern Canada. We carefully recruit and train highly motivated and hardworking University and College students who are committed to running a successful business and earning money to pay for their post-secondary education.

We are committed to our customers

With over 5000 customers annually, we have a proven track record of success. You can rely on us to provide a quality service at a competitive price. All our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee!

We ensure that we take time to do the work right

Our carefully hired and trained crews provide a professional quality service. Our number one goal is your satisfaction from start to finish – not just with the finished product, but with the entire process.

Why Choose Us

Service quality and customer satisfaction are our guarantees!

Free Detailed Estimate

Upon requesting an estimate, the Operator in your neighborhood will reach out by phone and set up a convenient appointment to provide you with a detailed estimate. Throughout the estimate, the Operator will provide you with guidance on how to best tackle the project and all the options available to you. After having reviewed the work with you, the Operator will provide you with a detailed written estimate, including different options to meet your budget and all your window cleaning needs.

$5M in Liability Insurance

You can rest assured knowing your home is protected. Throughout the job, our liability insurance coverage protects you and your home with $5,000,000 in coverage in the event of an accident.

Full Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Every worker who comes onto your property is protected. This means that workers are covered in case of an accident and that homeowners are not responsible for injuries on site. This is an extremely important consideration when selecting a contractor to clean your house.

  • CNESST = Quebec
  • WSIB = Ontario
  • WorkSafeNB = New Brunswick
  • WCB = PEI, Halifax
  • WorkplaceNL = Newfoundland

Safety Training

We have one of the most extensive Safety-Training Programs in the industry – providing training, testing and certification of each worker that works for our company. Before any worker(s) step onto your property, they are trained on how to work safely, leaving you with peace of mind throughout the project that your home is being serviced following all local and provincial safety regulations.

We have been a National Sponsor of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada since 2005.

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